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Taste The Silk Road, connect the rich history
At Omni, we give you with the true taste of hand-pulled noodles.


The History About 东方宫

始创于清朝末年,开创迄今已有超过 120 年历史的我们,恪守百年传承的标准,以及对食材烹饪每个细节的严格把控,是我们守护拉面原味、传承百年文化的承诺。

Established in late Qing Dynasty, we have over 120 years of history. We strictly follow the traditional recipes to ensure the most authentic taste possible and this is a commitment we take seriously.

穿梭历史河流 Navigating the River of Time

  • ~4000 years ago

    In 2005, a team of archaeologists reported finding an earthenware bowl that contained 4000-year-old noodles at the Lajia archaeological site.


  • ~2500 years ago

    In 1991, archaeologists discovered noodles dating back 2,500 years, along with a large amount of baked foods and porridge, at the Subashi ruins in Turpan, Xinjiang.


  • ~1300 AD

    Around 1300 AD, Marco Polo introduced Chinese noodles and their production techniques to Europe. His arrival marked the first exchange of noodle culture between the East and the West.


  • ~1900 AD

    Around 1900 AD, the Hui ethnic group who mainly lived in northwest China discovered that adding the ash produced by burning the Pennisetum purpureum grass native to the Gobi Desert to flour greatly improved its elasticity. This made it possible to hand-pull the dough into thin, thread-like ramen noodles.


  • Year 1915

    In 1915, the predecessor of Omni Noodle, "Qingtang Beef Noodle," was created by Ma Baozi, and received praise from Mr. Yu Renn in the 1940s.

    公元1915年,Omni Noodle的前身“清汤牛肉面”由马保子创建,并在20世纪40年代受到于右任先生的大力称赞。

  • Year 2000

    In the year 2000, Lanzhou Dongfang Palace Halal Catering Co., Ltd. was established and opened the Dongfang Palace restaurant in Lanzhou City.


  • Year 2017

    In 2017, the first North American branch of Omni Noodle, "Orient Express," opened in Toronto Scarborough. It was awarded the "Outstanding Enterprise in Chinese Halal Catering for 20 Years" and "Outstanding Chinese Fast Food Brand" by the Chinese Cooking Association.

    公元2017年,Omni Noodle北美第一家店“Orient Express”在多伦多世家堡开业。并被中国烹饪协会评为“中国清真餐饮20年卓越企业”,“中国快餐卓越品牌”。

  • Year 2023

    In 2023, the brand completed an upgrade to Omni Noodle and opened a new location at York University, Fairview Mall, which incorporates traditional Eastern and Western cultures.

    公元2023年,完成品牌升级为Omni Noodle, 融入传统的东西方文化的York University, Fairview Mall 店开业。

Experience this rich history and savoring the tradition in every bite.